Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Ohh, I have been missing in action. I must do better. Anyway, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. As a kid I loved Halloween. I loved dressing up and walking from neighborhood to neighborhood with my mother. I remembered wearing masks, transforming into witches (my favorite costume) and other creatures of the night. For one night I could be anyone I wanted to. My costumes were simple, but I knew they were just as good as anybody's else's.

Back then Halloween was just a night to get dressed up and have fun with my family. And to get a treat on top of that was so awesome. I did not WORSHIP the devil. I did not understand what that even meant back then. So I say let the kids have fun. Halloween is one of those holidays that I hold dear to my heart.

I am a little disappointed because the houses in my neighborhood don't even give out candy anymore. My brother is in his late teens and there are no other young kids in the house. But every year, I still give out candy. Even if it is just one trick or treater and I am the only house on the block with a light on.

Halloween is still meaningful to some children. It is something that I use to look forward to every year. Halloween is what you make of it.

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